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Addicted To Books came about after a year of sharing and discussing books via text. The excitement that comes about when friends come together to discuss a book is what inspired it.

We are two book lovers that go through books same way people go through food and snacks. We love a good read and appreciate books that are hard to read. We exist between the comfort of a book that assures us and the uncomfortable feeling in our stomachs when a book reads us to filth.

We never seem to agree on the details of a book and often times stand on the opposite sides of  criticism and sheer love for a book.

Fave books

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What makes your podcast unique?

We are unique because we offer authentic and new views of materials we read.


Which books do you discuss?

We discuss a variety of books.


How often do you record your podcast?

We will be uploading an episode once  a week on every Tuesday.


Is your podcast free?

Yes, it is.

New Episodes Every Tuesday!!

We hope to promote a positive environment through our work. Make sure to listen to new episodes every Tuesdays. Follow us on Instgram and also Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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